Eleven days left for our Kickstarter! We’re 90% there! http://kck.st/PTs7jV

We posted our latest project update earlier today with some thoughts on MoCCA Fest (HELLO to all of the amazing people we met!) AND the last of our blooper reels from the Kickstarter video. Check it out! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dirtydiamonds/dirty-diamonds-5-comics/posts

Please share this post to help us make a strong push through this week to reach our goal! Every dollar counts to fund the printing of this issue and putting well-deserved dollars directly into the pockets of the artists involved.

Make sure to say hi if you’ll be at Asbury Park Comicon this weekend (April 12th & 13th) - you can find Kelly & Claire of Dirty Diamonds, along with cover artist Carey Pietsch, at table C-330!

The thing I’m in! Hurray! we’re almost there! <3




April heralds in the end of Off*Beat, so it’s got the spot of honor on our cover this time around! You don’t get to see that until April 18th though, so we’ve still got some time to let the anticipation build. ;-)

If you haven’t checked out our Off*Beat contest, though, give it a shot!…


But also, Tee Hee! My comic is up! <3