UPDATE: 7/11/2014
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From June 28th, 2014 To August 1st, 2014 at 12:00 midnight

(Borrowed) iPad for comparison 

So I was pleasantly surprised to find that my sketchbooks are the same size as Volume 3 will be.
So until I have the hard proof to post: here is size comparison.
The Volume 2 is from lulu’s print program. But I have switched to
 They have done books for Naminational and Kit Seaton and more of my comrades. And they don’t take a bunch of the profit like the former >_<. Hence how I could order a Hardcovered, shiny, gold foiled, glossy dust cover book for only 30$ cost to a customer!
And again, these are LIMITED EDITIONS. Only available to preorders for this one time only. (Collector’s item, ya see?<3)
Each copy will be signed and drawn in too<3
I am polishing up the pages as quickly as possible so I can order that hard proof copy and have an actual photos for you<3
Have a good week!





Reasons to subscribe to Sparkler Monthly:

  • It’s cheap as fuck
  • $5 a month cheap
  • That’s less than 3 cans of NOS at retail price.
  • NOS lasts an hour or two.
  • $5 sub lasts 30 DAYS
  • There’s a ton of cool shit behind the paywall.
  • The more $5 there are the more cool shit there is
  • The more cool shit there is the more likely it is to get FREE cool shit (they can’t keep it all behind the paywall, can they?? I hope not!)
  • $5 a month
  • $5 a month


Aw, Pachi! <3

As mentioned in Sparkler Podcast #2 and on Twitter (here, here, and here), we have a big Year 2 planned, and we want to hire even more of the great creators who pitch to us, but we don’t have the subscriber base to support it yet. We’re putting a freeze on a lot of things until we sell more subscriptions, which are the main way we raise the operating costs of our magazine and the advances we pay our creators. 

The magazine is going “truly monthly” in August (all chapters are released on the same day) to simplify our website and downloads, we’re releasing a special issue for newbies, and we’re going to introduce new incentives during our August Membership Drive. But all existing members will be grandfathered in, so you don’t have to wait - if you want to support us, we’d be over the moon if you did it today!

In fact, starting in August, our 1-month subscription is going up to $6 (all monthly subscriptions are staying at $5/month, to reward those who sign up to be regulars), so if you want to buy the 1-month subscription just to try everything out with no commitment for $5, now’s the time! We think you’ll be more than pleased with the delights behind our paywall.

Thanks, guys! This is a tough industry, but we can make it together. <3

Sparkler’s staff are some of the kindest, most helpful people, and their magazine is phenomenal. We’ve come so close to losing Crossed-Genres, another diversity related magazine, and in this economy, a lot of publishers are feeling the heat, especially the indie ones. Tumblr has kept so many diversity-related projects alive, and even made them flourish. And reading and freelancing with them, I can honestly say that Sparkler is wonderful, utterly dedicated, and probably the best 5$ you will spend.

*blushing* I got a great editorial compliment today when someone told me that an art note I made helped them untangle a problem they’ve been struggling with for a while … We really try, guys, and it’s so great to hear that we’re appreciated! ^_^

I only hope we can keep getting the support we need to do even more! 

Sparkler is truly doing wonderful work! I love the energy they are putting in to the world and am so excited to see what year two has in store.  Go support this great group of lovely people! <3

maddierawr354 asked:

You're art is beautiful! My gosh, and you're coloring is too! I think it's in watercolor, I don't want to assume. I don't use color often because I'm not confident with it but I'd really love to make it to that level of artistry. You do a brilliant job with it and I find that inspirational. I'm also so happy to see more drawings of Onoda, Naruko, and Imaizumi together whether you intended it to be romantic or not. All to often I see them paired off separately (when they should be together. lol)

GAH! //SOB// Thank you!  You are a very sweet human 8\v\8)/

When it comes to color, I always say to go with what you like or stick to the classics (mostly I just run on instincts for that bit haha” ) and I do use watercolor for my coloring!

Bike boyz need to stick togeather (in a ship-y way 9v9” tee hee<3 ).



jo-suke asked:

hi there! my names grace and I was the josuke and okuyasu commission from anime midwest! I know you said it would be mailed to me but I was just wondering how everything's going! I'm super excited to see the finished result you create I'm sure it's gonna be awesome :D


Thanks for checking in with me (I SUPER appreciate it!).

I finished your commission today! (hurray!) and I’ll be sending it out tomorrow! <3

Here’s a preview! Hope you like it! <3






I had to take some photos of some This One Summer original pages so I thought I’d share them here.

A little status update on the book: the book is available in FrenchItalian, and, soon, Spanish! And you can read the New York Times review here.

Thanks again so much to everyone who has come out to our events, including the recent signing in LA. It means a lot. <3

(You can click on the images for a slightly enlarged view)

Seriously, NOBODY can draw like Jillian Tamaki. Unreal.

I’m not a huge reblogger but if I convulse and subsequently pass out due to envy I feel like it’s probably worth sharing.

Seeing art like this reminds me that I have no excuse — time to get my ass in gear.