This GUH Thing…

November just never seems to go well for me when it comes to money.  Why november WHY!?

Anyway, I’ve put up some new items in my Store (images bellow)

And if you want all 3 prints, send me a message or an e-mail first.  Prints are all $11 (including shipping) and I will do a 3 for $25 :-)

Also have new books up:

Sleep $10 (including shipping)

Okay $8

There’s the original art for Spell for sale:

$50 (If you’d like me to trim it before I send it, that’s totally doable)

And last, I have a moleskin journal that I hand painted that up for sale as well (there’s only one of this item)

$20 (shipping is included)

If you have any interest in these items, feel free to e-mail me at or send me a message here.

Thanks so much