HURRAY!!! I’ve finally had the strength to finish up a few more of these puppies!! <3 These are up in my store now if anyone is interested <3

Here’s the description I’ve got up on the store:

Full color accordion comic with a plus cover. Interior page is printed on enhanced matte paper and is built by hand. Purple thread is rapped around the book to keep it together when not being read. Will be sent in a clear sealed bag.

Comes with hand drawn and painted thank you card.

Size: 4x5 inch

You can read the full comic here, but like I said in the post, I’m not sure if this comic is really suited for an online format (I’m just a weinny  book maker at heart! •;v•) !




Alexis Cooke

This isn’t the whole comic, but I’m actually not sure if this comic fits the tumblr format? But I’ve really wanted to do this comic for about 2 years now (sine I did the original comic in my experimental comics class), regardless, I’ll post pics once it’s printed out!!! BUT YAYA!! Comic # 1 done!



Alexis Cooke

You can buy original pages from this book or copies of the book!
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I just wanted to reblog this because of how amazed and happy i am with it’s reception. I know I probably shouldn’t, but I’m honestly surprised! In addition, I’ve also gone through and read every single comment that’s been made on this post.  This is probably not the most effective way to put that out there, but I just wanted people to know I’m looking (which, now, just sounded creepy, haha). 

But WOW! I don’t even know what else to say! I’m just so surprised!!!