So I’m printing this thing…

I’m printing books for two events right now.  I ran out of funds in my papercut account (as i print at my school) and have yet to print covers for 17 of my books. 

and the covers i did print, I PRINTED BACKWARDS HAHAHAHA!!! //sob// I have to step back and laugh at the situation @V@)/ I still have an hour tomorrow to bind and print. HAHAHAHA!

My expectations for things get a bit high sometime, and it makes me laugh.



Not So Pleasant

SOOOOOOOOOO…. I have some less then pleasant news…. well, less then pleasant for me.  So on Friday (that’s right, it’s a story ;-m ) I open up my laptop to work on my laptop to show my internship partner some edits I’d done on a script and my laptop screen was frozen.  Logically, I thought, my best corse of action was to wait for a while and see if the programs would settle.  After waiting some time and my laptop continuing to stay frozen, i decided to shut it down.  After which it did not only not come back on, it was giving me a gray screen with a file icon and a question mark. Almost as if to say, “i have forgotten who i am, who am i? who are you?”.  At this moment a giant zit of anxiety exploded my stomach and hit me in the brain.  so i took a moment to center myself as i was visible to other patrons of the coffee shop i was performing my internship in.  Then, as any good 21 year old with pressing buisness at hand, i chose to ignore the problem, justifying in my mind that it would totally go away if i did so. 

It did not go away.

That evening when i went to open my computer, the same screen was present.  it’s blinking question mark mocking me, no longer asking who i was or who it was, no.  it was yelling “WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?”

So saifce to say (and to make the story shorter then my decent in to denial and hard cider) my computer is undergoing a visit to the Computer Doctor for a while.  This will probably keep me from looking at the submit button here, clicking it and the clicking cancel (as i like to do periodically throughout the week).  it will also (more importantly) keep me from making the corrections needed for the Compilation Book that some of you may have ordered from here as well as getting back to e-mails as quickly (thankfully have a fancy phone that knows how to e-mail!).  

My most deepest apologies, please feel free to send me rabid puppies and rancid vegetables and/or fruite.  I will get back to you as soon as possible!